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If you see him, if you see her

septembrie 13, 2007

Din seria „ce melodii am mai descoperit”:   Si versurile: If you see himTell him I wish him wellHow am I doing?Well, sometimes is hard to tellI still miss him more than everBut please dont say a wordIf you see himIf you see him If you see herTell her I’m doing fineAnd if you want toSay that I think of her from time to timeAsk her if she ever wondersWhere we both went wrongIf you see herIf you see her I still want herI still need him soI dont know why we let each other go If you see herTell her the lights still on for herNothing’s changedDeep down the fire still burns for him And even if it takes forever say I’ll still be hereIf you see himIf you see herIf you see himIf you see her

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